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About the Author

Rod Palmieri and Phyllis Scott Palmieri

Author, Rod Palmieri, is a first generation Italian-American. He grew up in the wine country of California, surrounded by the old world traditions of his family's Tuscan-Italian background. Both parents were raised in Tuscany, the place he considers the culinary capital of Italy, and he stays in close contact with his numerous family and friends in Tuscany. These diverse influences gave Rod an exciting start to his lifelong love of cooking and food.

His extensive travels throughout Europe increased his desire to incorporate other European cultural nuances into his cooking. As a result, you will notice that there are snippets of these mixed cultures in his recipes. He has studied and taught Italian, French, Spanish and Mexican cooking styles over the past thirty years while pursuing a career in science.

Rod's philosophy in the kitchen is to always use local ingredients when possible, as the freshest ingredients make the best meals. This is the most important thing he learned from his heritage.

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